Feb. 19- 2004

It was Dave's B-day on Tuesday-- it was a nice relaxing day of celebration. We went out to a Japanese restaurant and watched movies. The BIG birthday present is when we go to California on Friday. We are going to the IRONMAN EXPO and Bodybuilding show and basically just relaxing. It is going to be a much needed break from the COLD weather.

I am going to see one of the young ladies I am helping, Natalie Spritzer, prepare for her first year in competition. She is such a sweet young girl--filled with fire and desire for the sport of bodybuilding. I am hoping that we will get a chance to train together while I am out in her neck of the woods.

Only three more weeks until the Arnold Classic. I can't believe how fast time flys. The season is just about to begin. I really have to start focusing on my diet and training I can't wait to be lean again. Enough of the off-season.

We just finished our master bedroom. It looks amazing. I moved all my clothes into closet and was finally able to organize all my clothes. It felt so good to finally figure out what clothes I have and don't have. What I determined-- I need to really go shopping. If I could ever stay a consistent weight----It would make life a lot easier.

Amanda Dunbar's membership gallery is up and running. Check it out. www.amandad.com


A bit of information from the IFBB:

February 2004:

Betty Pariso, IFBB Pro bodybuilder, has obtained enough signatures from
registered IFBB Pro women to secure her bid for the first IFBB Pro Women's
Athlete Representative in the history of the sport.

The next step will occur at the 2004 Arnold Classic in Columbus Ohio, March
5th, 2004, where it is expected to be made official.

Questions, comments, input can be mailed to Betty at:

IFBB rep information and most recent updates will always be available on my

Best regards,
Lisa Aukland