March 26-2003

Let me tell you all-------moving in Manhatten is the worst experience ever. I thought that I found a great place----but, there is always a catch. I was going through a broker- which was already raising the stakes on the cost of the apartment.

So- here we go. I find out I was officially kicked out of this Apt. on Monday. I started searching for another place---right away. You know me------I just had to get on it. I was flying around like a chicken-----looking through the internet, papers, etc......

I found this broker---he showed me about 8 places. The rent was anywhere from $1500 -- $1950. I , of course, need a roommate. That isn't a problem- but, Isabella is a good girl. I finally came across a place on Jane St. -- it was so cute. The only problem---I have to shell out $8100 to the broker to move into the apartment. It just is so much money. I had this sinking feeling----around 1:30 this afternoon. I didn't take the apartment. Now- I am homeless.

I have 1 month---to find a place. So- if anyone hears of a place-please let me know. Finding a place in Manhatten is not fun.