April 29, 2004

Today was a long day! I had to go into the city to clean up any lose ends regarding my OLD life. I sold my TREK bike on Ebay and finished the sale in the city when the gentlemen showed up to pick up the bike. He seemed to be happy with his purchase- however, he should be-----------for $100 he got a $600 bike with U - Lock included. With that taken care of, the next task involved moving the rest of my old roommates STUFF from 174 Thompson St. to 177 Thompson St. Although just across the street, it was still a pain having to make 10 trips back and forth with boxes upon boxes. I managed to accomplish the whole task on my own. I had no choice because the inspector of my apartment called and said that he would be stopping by to look at the apartment. It had to be clean with most everything removed. Simply put, I knew if I didn't do it, it wouldn't get done.

Following the events of the afternoon, I had to sit in two hours traffic, even leaving the city at 6:45 p.m. It just is never easy. I don't think I could handle that traffic day in and day out. It would drive me insane, hence the reason I rode my bike everywhere.

Lastly, I tried to sell my FABULOUS SONY VIAO laptop on Ebay. After the bid went through-- it turns out the person had stolen a paypal password and the sale was not valid. So, this person wasted my time! I am getting so fed up with all the STEALLING passwords, identities, etc...............In conclusion, if anyone is interested in a 2002 Sony VIAO , 1.5 GB Hard- Drive, Pentium 4 processor, BIG screen, DVD -RW drive laptop, let me know. I was selling it for $900, it includes Photo Shop 7.0, Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, Illustrator 10, Office 2002, etc................Just email me and let me know if you are interested.

With all that said, I mailed a new password to all my members. If you did not receive your new password--will you please GET in TOUCH with me ASAP. Email me HERE---colettey@msn.com for faster service. I will get right back with you with a new password. I found a lot of WRONG emails in my system. My site is back up with no problems. I want to make sure that you all can access the members area.

Thanks again for your patience while my site was being maintained.