Dec. 20- 2003

It has been a long time since my last entry. I am sorry to leave you all hanging. So much is going on-- over here in Long Island. I started teaching aerobics at Bellmore, Golds. I am also working on making this WEBSITE business work. So- if anyone needs a website, don't forget to e-mail me.

Dave and I are heading to Detroit on Monday for the week. It is going to be nice. My parents love Dave and they can't wait to get to spend some more time with him. Life is defiantly different. No more insanity--no more hustle & bustle of New York City. Long Island is a lot more laid back. I am having a great time. It is so much more relaxing and I am under so much less stress. Dave is making my life so much easier. I have more time to concentrate on creating websites, dancing, training, and doing other things that I haven't been able to do because of my previous life-style.

Dave just bought me a little puupy ( a Maltease "tea cup") for Christmas. I named her , Abby. She is so special. I really have never had my own pet before. I mean, growing up I always had a Siamease Cat, but, it was always my parents. I couldn't take the cat with me when I went to college. So, technically, I never had my very own animal. My life has changed so much. I now have to take care of another little life.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful HOLIDAY season. Make the NEW YEAR better than ever.

Dec. 22- 2003

I am off to Detroit. I hear we are on some National Alert. I get the panic phone call from my mother. Oh-- mom's will always be moms. I am going to take a ton of pictures this week. I need to do some human interest pictures. Enough of all the posing. You are going to get a chance to see my family. They really are the best. Life is good. My sister and her husband just bought a condo in Florida. Looks like Dave and I now have another little vacation spot.

The new year is going to be so exciting. I can't wait to see how much new life unravels. Dave and I are going to see that RxMuscle rebuilds itself and becomes the magazine that we invision. So - be patient. It is going to be a good year. I am going to take a break from competing. I need to give my body a rest. I want to do this for the long haul. It seems that I have been rushing things. I think that when I finally find balance in my life and stop treating each contest like it is the only thing that matters in my life-- I just might be able to accomplish my dream. There is more to life than training, eating, and competing. There is something greater than all that----------LIFE. I have gotten so caught up. I think I finally am starting to get a handle of my life and what really makes me happy. I don't want to be a slave to food anymore. I want to do things that I enjoy, like dancing, teaching aerobics, and just reading a good book.

I want my body to relax and maybe, just maybe, with less stress and pressure to make my body do things that it isn't ready to do -- my legs will grow and my muscles will become more dense and less weathered. I am such an over-trainer. I am going to enjoy my days off. One female bodybuilder you have to admire- Andrulla Blanchette. She trains every other day and keeps herself busy doing other things. Now- that is balance.

ENJOY the Holidays.