Jan. 16, 2004

You have no idea how cold it is here ----------WOW! This really makes me wish that I was in California or Florida. I can't tell you how much I love New York, but the weather is such a downer.

I have been sick for the past few days. It started as a sore throat, progressed into Strep Throat, in combination with a COLD, now something is going on with my sinuses. I was so run down. Despite the feeling of fatigue-- I managed to put in some serious hours on RxMuscle. The new issue is finally almost done. I wrote a great article on oral hypoglycemic agents and their role in bodybuilding. It is an interesting look at blood sugar manipulation. It discusses the danger and also the reasons why some believe it is the answer to both staying lean or getting big. You will have to subscribe to the magazine to read the article in its entirity.

I have been working on the cover--it is going to be amazing. We got the photo from David Paul in California. I don't want to give it away-- but, it is so amazing that the cover looks like a BOOK cover of a Best selling Novel.

I am trying to make it to my Yoga class today. Ah, relaxation. Dave traded in his M-3 BMW for an X-5 BMW truck. I was the first to drive it yesterday in the snow. It was an amazing experience. I had to hear it from Dave today --- it was super dirty and he couldn't believe that I managed to get salt/dirt/etc.....on the inside. In my defense-- I didn't see it-- I got out of the truck and it was dark. The wind was blowing so hard--------------I just wanted to get into the house.

Anyway- I am going to update my members gallery today. More pics-- from this past year.

My new workout video is coming this week. I am also working on a life-style video-- lot's to come.