2009 Arnold Classic
Colette Christmas 2008
09/18/08 Vicki Nixon and Colette
09/18/08 Vicki Nixon and Colette
Colette New nephew and sister
2008 N. American with PJ
2008 USA's with Sean Allen
Colette at a charity strength contest at Titan sports in Merrick check out these lifts
105 push ups
65 Dips
44 pull -ups
85 chest presses with half body weight on a machine
2008 Atlantic States
2008 NY MET
Colette at the Arnold expo, beautiful, did 64 reps of biceps curls of 50% of bodyweight.
Nicole Vitale and Colette at the NPC Easterns
Colette and Bernadette
Colette at the 2007 N. Amberican
Guest Posing in Vancvouer at the B.C. Provintials
- Thanks to my Fans Jeff and Dennis

Hot Muscle Fox

Colette with Saskia and Melody Spetko

Colette at the 2007

Colette @ the Europa, Photographer Weiferd Watts weiferd@sbcglobal.ent www.weifoto.com
Halloween Pictures of Colette's niece.
Colette hanging out at various Bodybuilding Shows - 2006
Colette at the AC pro, posing with friends and fans before and after competiton
Colette & Rhonda
Colette and Rudy
Colette, Angela, Grace and Malea Jensen at the Team U 2006
Malea, Dave, Grace, Colette & Angela at the Team U 2006


Photos from Training

A photo from Dale Brown ( A little late )

Photos from the Olympia Weekend
***Compliments of Kaisa

Photos of Colette Backstage at the 2005 USAs

Photos from the European BB competition
By, Edorado

Photos from The Jr. Nationals 2005


Photos From the NY PRO


Photos from Guest Posing and Make-Hair for Lone Star BB Competition


Colette, Kaylie and Rich at the NY Metropolitan- March 2005 Colette and a special fan Larry Wilson at the ARNOLD CLASSIC- 2005 Colette with a fan (Jason Cottle ) on the Subway - 2004

Photo from Backstage 2003- by Paul Goode

Dave & Colette ( After Winning Ray Hollit's Strength Show )
Venice, California

Photo's from Nationals 2004

Colette & Mike George
Colette & Tera Guzman
Colette & Heather Darling
Heather Darling
Colette & Gerald Green
Colette & Malea Jensen
Colette & Amanda Dunbar
Colette & Lori George's Family
Colette, Lori, Lauren
Colette & Lena
Michelle Morrison
Colette & Michelle
Colette & Lori
Colette & Chris Cormier
Colette & Dave
Colette & Lori George
Colette & Lori George


July 4th - 2004, In Detroit with Fellow Bodybuilder from back in the day, Gary


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Photos from the USAs2004 -- in the Lobby and Backstage

Photos from the Arnold Classic- 2004 in Columbus, OH
Photos from the EXPO- Arnold Classic 2004

Bill and Marilyn in Cleveland- sent the following pics. I want to say--THANKS AGAIN!

Photos from Ian ( The Comic Genious)

Colette & Jason

Photo's from the 2004 IRONMAN

Photos from Jr. Nationals 2003