• Make-Up
  • Hair
  • Music
  • Choreography
  • Tanning
Make-up for prejuding and night show is $100.00. This includes morning application and touch up for the night show. Appointments tend to be very early based on the early madatory meeting so be prepared to be up as early as 4 a.m. However, I do my best to be accomadate your schedule. Please email me to schedule yout appointment.
Hair is always the most fun and often requires an updo and downdo for bodybuilding and extra prep for figure competitors because of the posing oils/ long prejudging. Hair is $75.00 for both morning and night touch up.

I can mix your music for you! Just send me the list of songs and I can make a routine for you. I usually recommend send me 3 of your favorite songs.
60-90 second routines - $50-$75
2 minute routines - $100.00
Additional Voice Overs - $25.00

IF you are looking for MOVIE voice overs you are required to send the ones you are interested in using for your routine. I can't read your mind so you are going to send in either a wave/mp3/mp4 format.
Try this website for Movie Clips: http://www.moviewavs.com/Movies.html

Why worry about choreographing your routine, let me take the guess work out of that stessful process. I will send you a video of my doing the routine both front and back. You need to send me your skills... splits, dance, hip hop, pop & lock, dramtic, injuries, and your physique strengths and weaknesses.
60-90 sec routines - $100
2 minute - $125

Do you hate the whole tanning aspect of competitive bodybuilding. Do you have trouble convinving your signifigant other, coach, best friend to tan you? Let me take the burden of tanning off your list of concerns. I am using a high powered air brush tanner used in professional salons. I just need you to purchase HI DEFINITION On Stage Tan by www.jantana.com or if buying product is something that you don't even want to be bothered with, with a slight increase in price I can take care of everything for you.

WITH PRODUCT - 2 bottles : $80.00
No Product - $110.00, but it is always good to have a bottle for touch ups in case you need to fix your tan backstage.

Schedule is posted on my site.. see below details.

2009 APPEARANCE and MAKE - UP schedule
Fee: $150-$200 depending on services
*** click here to find out more about my make up services

TANNING: $100.00 Airbrush, using the deepest darkest in color products, SIGN UP NOW, email me


uscular Development


Charleston, NC  
Chicago, IL  
Teen, Collegiate, & Masters Nationals

Hair and Make up Appointments:
Lisa Boushard
Stacey Keller

Lisa Boushard

TANNING: $100.00 Airbrush, using the deepest darkest in color products, SIGN UP NOW, email me

Pittsburgh, PA  
USA's 2009
Hair and Make up Appointments:

Lisa Boushard

Lisa Boushard

Las Vegas, NV  

North Americans
Hair and Make up Appointments:

Cleveland, OH  
Team Universe

Hair and Make up Appointments:



Nationals - Nov 2009

Atlanta, GA

2008 APPEARANCE and MAKE - UP schedule
Fee: $150-$200 depending on services
*** click here to find out more about my make up services

ARNOLD AMATEUR: March 3, 2008

Competing, Friday Prejudge 12

Night Show Friday 7 p.m.

Please see me at the Muscular Development Booth at 2 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday

Jr. USA's
Hair and Make up Appointments:

2) Lisa Bouschard
4) Gina Quinn

Charleston, NC May 17, 2008
Jr Nationals

Hair and Make up Appointments:

1) Andrea Swanson
2) Madelyn Welles
3) Sherri Enos
4) Dora T

Chicago, IL June 20 - 21st
Teen, Collegiate, & Masters Nationals
ARRIVE: 2:55 p.m. to Pittsburgh

Hair and Make up Appointments:
Thursday : Please call me when you get in to see if we can put on the first coat
Please Exfoliate

7 p.m. - Lauren **tan
8 p.m. - Lisa Bouschard
8:30 - Michelle M

Friday Morning:Tanning
9:00 a.m. Joanne Ott
9:30 - Mario Vutto
10:30 - Kathy Cook
11:00 Lauren Leplant
11:30 Lisa Bouschard
12:00 Michelle Mazzuli

Friday Afternoon:
12:30: Michelle Mazzuli,Make-up
1:00: Joanne Ott - Make-up
1:30 : Joy D - Make - up
2:00 - Kathy Cook , Tan

5:30 p.m. - Lauren Leplante
6 p.m. - Lisa
6:30 - Mario
7 p.m - Durlin

Saturday Morning:
4: 00 AM - Clarice Zimmer
4:30 AM - Joy D / Tracy Mason
5:00 A.M. Lisa Brouschard ** Tan / Clair R
5:30 a.m. Lauren Laplante**Tan / Joanne Andrews
6:00 a.m. Joanee Ott ** Tan/ Kathy Cook
6:30 Michelle Mazzuli **tan

Tans: Appointments start on Thursday
Mario Vutto
Durlin Castro
Lisa Bouschard
Lauren Laplante
Michelle Mazzuli
Joanne Ott
Kathy Cook - Friday, 10:30 a.m. , 2 p.m.

TANNING: $100.00 Airbrush, using the deepest darkest in color products, SIGN UP NOW, email me

Pittsburgh, PA July 18 - 19th
USA's 2008

Hair and Make up Appointments: Come to all Appt except 4 a.m. 15 min early as I will have 2 assistanct and I have to have all you ladies ready by 7:30 a.m
Saturday Morning:
4:00 - Kristy Rosendes
4:30 - Dora T
5:00 - Claire R
5:30 - Tina Zampa
6:00 - Tracy Brodner
6:30 - Sally Anne
7:00 - Linda Vogel

Tanning: Thursday
Nicole Vitale - 3:45 pm
Dora - 4:00 pm
Sean Allan - 4:15 pm
Jeff Long - 4:30 pm
Mike Libertore - 4:45 pm
Alan - 5:00 pm
Kris Murral - 5: 15 pm

Tanning: Friday
Mike Liberatore- 9:30
Sean Allan - 10:00
Jeff Long- 10:30
Kris Murrel - 11:00
Alan Hicks 11:15
Dora - 11:30

Las Vegas, NV July 25 - 26th

North Americans - 2008
Attention: new hotel,
127 Public Sq # 1 Cleveland, OH 44114 (216) 696-9200

Maryann - Photo shoot - 10:30

Saturday Morning:
Hair and Make up Appointments:
1) Jennifer Kline /Roseanne D - 4:30 a.m
2) Cheryl Faust
/ Maryann Glascock - 5 a.m.
Melissa Detwiller/ Vanessa Adams- 5:30 a.m.
4) Jill Frew /
Pam Shealy - 6 a.m
5) Janelle -6:15

FINALS: Touch-up begin at 3 -5 p.m.

Vanessa Admas - 4 pm.

Melissa Detwiller
PJ Braun
Cathy O'Guin

Chirs Sabo
Kathy Conners

Mike Stutz - 8 p.m.
Andrew - 8 pm.
Jill Frew- ??
Jody Wald

Christene Rhodes
Jason Who

Cleveland, OH August 29 - 30th

Team Universe
177 Thompson St Apt. 6
between Houston and Bleeker
$12.00 Cab ride

Hair and Make up Appointments:

1) Jamie Girard ** latest time
2) Vanessa Adams
3) Giulianna
4) Linda Vogel
5) Krissy Chin
6) Jennifer Kline


Krissy Chin
Michelle Falsetta
Jennifer Kline

NY September 5-6th
INBF - Natural Mania
1) Elise Firestone
2) Michelle Derosa
NY Sept 20th

Atlantic City Pro Show

Lexie Pratt - hair/makeup

Air Brush Tanning:
Lexie Pratt

WORKING SPECIES BOOTH - www.speciesnutrition.com

Atlantic City, NJ Sept. 13
Ms & Mr. Olympia
Klaudia Larson - Hair/Make-up
Las Vegas Sept. 26,27,28


MAKE-UP / HAIR - Saturday Morning
Susan Apap - 7:30 a.m.
Trish Manzi - 9 a.m.

Mari Posi - Friday 1 pm
Trish Manzi - FRIDAY 6 pm
Susan Apap - 7 pm
Marc Taft - 4 - 5 p.m

NJ Nov. 8


Make-Up - Saturday morning

Shelly Smith 5 am
Trish Manzi 6 am

Tanning - FRIDAY

Kathryn Ramirez 12:15
Mike Halpinm- 12:30
Joe gambino - 2
Sarah- 3
Mari Posi- 1 am
Shelly Smith- 3
Trish Manzi - 6 pm
Sean - 8 pm


Nov. 15

Nationals - Nov 2008


THURSDAY: ARRIVE from NY to Atlanta 11:51
Staying at the HOST Hotel
I will post the Rm # when I get there but the room is under Dave Palumbo, either text us both or call the front desk for more information.

Sean Allan 3:00
Linda Estavillo - 3:15
Alex Azarianler 3:25
Crystal t 3:30
Monique Jones 3:45
Tera Guzman- 4:15
Lisa James – 4:30
Miguel Garcia - 4:45
Mike Liberatore 5 pm
Marijan Lipsinic - 5:15
Jason 5:30

Weigh in : 5 pm ( men ) 7 pm ( women)

FRIDAY: Ready by 5:00 p.m. , Female BB

9 a.m. - Tammy Patnode
10 a.m. - Stephanie Rupp
Sean Allan 12:00
Tammy Patnode 12:15
Mike Liberatore 12:45
Linda Estavillo- 1 p.m.
Alex Azarianler 1:15
Stephanie Rupp 1:30
Crystal 1:45
Monique Jones 2 :00
Bonnie 2:15
Tera Guzman- 2:30
Lisa James – 2:45
Miguel Garcia - 3
Marijan Lipsinic - 3:15
Jason Who: 3:30

Hair/Make-Up - FRIDAY & Saturday

***If I am doing your tan, I will have my tent and everything ready for your touch up after your make-up

5:30 - Stephanie Rupp -
7 a.m. Shannon Dahlum
- Figure

Stephanie Rupp - Tan at 2:00

Sheila Bleck: 11:00 am in her room
11:30 - Crystal
Lissa Middleton - 12:00 pm
Bonnie- 12:30 pm
Lisa James ** - 1:00 pm ( TAN at 12:30)
Claire Rohrbacker **- 1:30 pm
Kate Cooper ** - 2:00 pm ( ? Tan at 1:45 )
Tracy Mason ** 3 pm
Christina Rhodes ** 3:30
Monique Jones / Tera Guzman** 4:00 ( Tan at 3:15 for Monique ) Tan at 3:30 for Tera
4:30 p.m. Shannon Dahlum, Touch up

On saturday touch up - 4:30 for those that I had to do earlier that day, just come down to my room and I will touch lips and foundation

TANNING ( All make-up appointments should come 15 min early to touch up their tan )
Sean Allan – 10 am.
Alex Azarianler-10:15
Mike Liberatore – 10:30
Tammy Patnode – 10:45
Carolyn Bryant – 11:00
Marijan Lipsinic - 3:15

** If your name isn't listed just come for touch up... you may or may not need it. I will also be backstage to help with touching up tans.

MAKE-UP starts at 11:00

If you are doing make-up with me, come 15 minutes EARLY if I am touching up your tan…. My assistants will be doing that.

Atlanta, GA November 21 - 22nd

2007 Appearance Schedule

2005 Appearance Schedule:

What? Where? When?
Radiant Pro- A Women's Stength Show El Portal Theatre
5269 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA
Sat. Jan. 22, 2005
Arnold Classic - I decided not to compete for personal reasons Columbus, OH

March 4.5,6 2005

1 pm- 2p.m. at Rick Collins " Legal Muscle" Booth

NY Metropolitan, BB competition NY, NY March 19, 2005
Shawn Ray's Muscle Camp - Cancelled Rutherford, NJ "Strong and Shapely Gym": March 26, 2005
NPC Jr. USAs Charleston, SC April 15, 16, 17
New York Women's Pro
New York, NY
Tribecca Performing Arts Center on Chambers Street in Manhattan
May 21, 2005
Northeastern BB Competition- Guest Pose Boston, Mass. May 22, 2005
Lone Star Bodybuilding Competition -click
"Doing Hair & Make-Up" & Guest Posing
Dallas, TX June, 3,4,5
Jr. Nationals Chicago, IL June 15,16,2005
NPC USAs Las Vegas, NV July 29.30.31
IFBB North American BB Competition Cleveland, OH Sept. 2, 3
The Heart of Texas Playno, TX Sept. 16, 2005
Ms. Olympia Las Vegas, NV Oct. 2005


Las Vegas, NV
Nov. 1-4
NPC Nationals Atlanta, GA Nov. 18-192005

2004 Appearance Schedule

2004 IFBB IRONMAN BODYBUILDING Pasadena, CA February 21
Seminar in Connecticut Danbury, CT Feb 28
2004 ARNOLD CLASSIC WEEKEND- SciTec Booth working at the RxMuscle Table Columbus, OH March 5-7
Upper Mid West Bodybuilding Guest Posing Fargo, ND March 21
New York Metropolitan Bodybuilding New York, NY March 27
Myrtle Beach Bike Week Myrtle Beach, SC May 14-17
East Tennessee Bodybuilding Guest Posing Kingsport, TN May 22
Bev Francis Atlantic States Bodybuilding New York, NY June 5
Lone Star State Bodybuilding Guest Posing Dallas, TX June 12
NPC ALABAMA STATE- Guest Posing ( Modonna THEME ) Alabama June 18-19
Mexico Personal Training Weekend Elpaso, TX June 27
BRIDAL SHOWER Waterford, MI July 1
NPC Masters, Teen, Collegiate Nationals- I am going to stay in TOWN to close to my show Pittsburgh, PA July 23-24
NPC Team Universe Bodybuilding- Plan on Competing New York, NY August 6-7
WEDDING DAY Waterford, MI Aug. 21
IFBB North American Bodybuilding - Plan no competing Cleveland, OH Sept 4-5
World Ameteurs Spain Sept. 18
New Hampshire Guest Posing ( Dave Palumbo) NH Sept. 28
Heart of Texas- Guest Posing Dallas, TX Oct. 2
GNC SHOW OF STRENGTH Atlanta, GA October 8-9
IFBB MR OLYMPIA Las Vegas, NV October 29-30
NPC National Bodybuilding Championships Dallas, TX November 19-20

2003 Appearance Schedule

What Where When
Women's Strength Extravaganza New Jersey Sept. 21st
Olympia Weekend Las Vegas Oct. 17-20
NPC National's Dallas,TX Nov. 21-24
Christmas Holiday Detroit, MI Dec.21-28
GUEST POSING North Dakota MARCH 14-2003
Dysney World- Fun Vacation Orlando, FL Jan 9-12
Windsor Consults Windsor, CA Feb. 13-16
Arnold Classic BB competition Columbus, OH Feb. 27-March 3
Guest Posing S. Carolina March 6-9
Guest Posing N. Dakota March 13-16
Guest Posing Detroit, MI March 27-30
Guest Posing Wisconsin April 3-6
New England Boston, Mass May 1-4
Guest Pose Dallas, TX June 5-8
2003 Jr. National's Chicago, IL June 13-15
Jeremy Freeman- BB show   June 19-22
NPC USA Las Vegas, NV July 23-27
NPC Nationals NY, NY Nov. 14,15