Special Thanks and Past Idea's:

Special Thanks to Diana the Valkyrie
for hosting this site!www.thevalkyrie.com

I want to thank my SPECIAL FRIEND:

I would also like to thank www.herbiceps.com for being there from the beginning and giving the ladies of Female Bodybuilders a way to make money

I would like to thank Brian Moss, www.shemuscle.com for always being there for me and being a friend first before a fantstic photographer.

I would like to thank Rich Hasse, www.figuregirlz.com for being a best friend, a personal manager, and just the greatest guy on earth.

I would like to thank www.19thstreetgym.com for always giving me a place to train when I am in the city.

Check out my guys at www.citygymboys.com These are the guys that have a peice of my soul b/c they motivated me through my bodybuilding career when I was in New York City.

Bill Jentz had me help his daughter on , www.womensphysiqueworldmagazine.com .. it is a great archive of female bodybuilders.

Lastly-All your membership dollars help support my dream of becoming a professional bodybuilder. I appreciate your interest and continued appreciation of the time, dedication,and perseverance that it takes to be a female bodybuilder.


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