I am currently doing hair and make-up at several of the national level bodybuilding competitions. Please email me for an Appointment.


    $175.00 for both pre-judging and the night show
    $100.00 for Make-up Only
    $75 Hair Only

    $75.00 for Photo shoot Make-up
    Fee's are negotiable


    colettey@msn.com Instagram


    Make- Up Afters

    2012 Recent make up pics



    2011 Nationals

    Ann Walsh HW
    Cheryl Faust MW
    Natalie D'Amico Physique
    Rosalou Traughber Figure
    Sara Mathison 2nd place HW
    Viveca Williams Physique


    2011 Easterns

    Janine Delaney Figure

    Joanne Boyne Figure
    Rachel Russell Bikini
    Vivian Hatzimanolis 4th place


    2011 Europa

    Tazzie colomb 4th place Monique Jones 2nd place
    Gina Quinn


    2011 Atlantic States Kate Zawistowski


    2010 Nationals

    Beth Schneider 4th place LW
    Christine Sabo 5th place LHW

    Jennifer Kline Figure
    Rosalou Traughbar Figure

    Tambra Stewart-Johnson Figure
    Tina Zampa 3rd place HW


    2010 Easterns
    Amy Lumett Figure Carrie Haviland Bikini
    Erica Vogt Bikini
    Wendy Pomera Figure


    2010 USA
    Gail Auerbach 4th place MW
    Kris Clark  5th place HW
    Michelle Devere LW


    2010 Europa
    Lisette Acevedo
    Irene Anderson
    Tazzie Colomb


    2010 Team Universr

    Angelique Costa bikini
    gina Quinn LW 1st place Pro Card
    Jennifer Robinson  Figure
    Jennifer Palazzo HW
    Jackie Hoppe Figure st place overall and procard
    Jenny Drennan bikini
    Laurie Smith LW
    Stacey Naito Bikini 1st place


    2010 Junior Nationals

    Gail Auerbach MW 2nd place
    Jennifer Palazzo LHW
    Jennifer Robinson  Figure
    Jessica Simonet MW 1st place
    Rosalou Traughber
    Sara Mathison LHW 1st place
    Zonzie Mclaurin Figure


    2010 Atlantic States
    Shawna Mendelson  Bodybuilding
    Dianna Yakovlev Bikini
    Jennifer  Palazzo Bodybuilding
    Nicole Guerrero Bikini
    Wendy Pomera Figure


    2010 NY METS
    Colleen Tanner 2nd Place LW
    Linda Estivillo First Place LW
    Shawna Mendelson 2nd place HW


    2009 Nationals


    Christina Rieder Figure
    Kim Ferall Bodybuilding
    Laurie Smith Bodybuilding
    Lisette Acevedo Bodybuilding 1st place Pro Card
    Melissa Di Bernardo Bodybuilding
    Tina Zampa Bodybuilding
    Tracy Simonsen figure


    2009 Easterns

    Tania Chrzanowski  
    Sarah Busso


    2009 Team U

    Chrissy Burton Figure
    Gina Quinn 3rd place LW FBB
    Heather Clark Figure
    Ivonne Acosta figure
    Jennifer Cowan 2nd place LW FBB
    Kim Howes Bikini
    Roland Kiyee Figure
    Michelle Morrison HW FBB
    Shawna Menelson HW FBB
    Ivonne Acosta and Elise Firestone


    2009 NPC N. American

    Diana Cook 5th place LHW
    Leslie Cook HW

    Monique Jones

    3rd place HW

    Myra Adams LHW


    2009 NPC USA

    Ana Sanchez Figure
    Cynthia Colon Figure
    Emila Carey Bikini
    Jennifer Buckles Bikini
    Jill Theo Bald FBB
    Laurie Smith 3rd place LW
    Lisa Boushard FBB
    Melissa Marx
    Sheri Enos FBB


    2009 NPC Masters and Collegiate

    Alexandra Johnson 3rd place figure
    Anita Ramsey

    Ariel Khadir

    OVerall figure and fitness winner npc collegiate

    Chrissy Burton 3rd place
    Jeanne Nimmer 2nd place figure
    Jennifer Hernandez 1st place figure
    Kathy Cook bodybuilding
    Kathy Connors 3rd place bodybuilding
    Leslie Crook
    Lisa Boushard 2nd place bodybuilder Shannon Bennett 2nd place figure Tracy Mason Bodybuilding OVerall


    2009 Junior Nationals

    Andrea Giacomi

    2nd place HW

    Roxanne Edwards

    2nd place LHW

    Laurie Smith

    3rd place MW


    Sarah Mathison

    3rd place LHW


    Jennifer Hernandez

    5th place Class F

    Kim Currie Figure

    Amy Pike


    Jennifer Buckles


    Melissa Marx



    Lisa Bockwell


    Ariel Khadr


    2009 Atlantic States/Longisland

    Tasha Coleman Overall Bodybuilding winner Long Island 2nd place Atlantic States
    Jennifer Abbate Long Island/Atlantic States
    Vivian Hatzimanolis 1st place Long Island, 5th place Atlantic States
    Monica Heiz
    Ariel Khadr 1st place Fitness Atlantic States

    2009 Jr USA MAKE-UP Clients

    Gaial Auerbach Overall winner bodybuilding
    Heather Bear Figure
    Jennifer Hernandez 2nd Place Class F Figure


    2008 Nationals MAKE-UP Clients

    Christina Rhodes HW
    Claire Rohrbacker 5th place
    Kate Cooper LHW
    Linda Estivillo LW
    Lisa James 3rd place LW
    Tracy Mason 2 MW


    2008 NY Pro Figure
    Krissy chin
    2008 Team U Clients
    Vanessa Adams
    Jennifer Kline
    2008 N. American Clients
    Cheryl Faust 1st place MW
    Janelle Miller 5th place LHW
    Jennifer Kline Figure
    Jill Frew Figure
    Mary Anne Glascock 3rd place LW
    Pam Shealy MW
    Roseanne Desmarais 4th place MW
    Vanessa Adams Figure


    Tracy Bodner bodybuilding
    Tina Zampa bodybuidling
    Dora Trikoupis bodybuilding
    Claire O'connell 2nd place MW
    Christy Resendes
    2008 Masters/Teen/Collegiate
    Claire Zimmer 3rd place MW
    Michelle Mazulis figure
    Joanne Ott figure
    Lisa Boushard bodybuilding
    Joy Dematas figure
    Claire O'connell 3rd place MW
    2008 Jr USA
    Madelyn Welles Figure
    Andrea Swanson Figure
    Dora Trikoupis Figure
    Sherie Enos
    2008 Jr USA
    Gina Quinn 2nd place LW
    Lisa Boushard 1st place LHW
    2007 Nationals
    Tera Guzman
    Christina Rhodes
    Janelle Gallo
    Kate Cooper
    Lisa Burton
    Tina Chandler 1st Place MW
    Xinli Cao 3rd place worlds INBF
    Beth - Winner of Figure Pro Card , INBF
    Olivia McGuire at the INBF Naturamania
    Kim Bergman - Jr. USAs, Jr. Nationals 2007
    Sherri - Jr. Nationals 2007
    Krissy Chin - Jr. USAs, Jr. Nationals, TEAM UNIVERSE - PRO CARD WINNER
    Sharon Garret - Jr. Usas, Jr. Nationals 2007
    Tamara - 1st show, Jan Tana
    TRIBUTE - Vicki Nixon at the Jan Tana  

    Holly artwork photo from Colette's make up luis_comic6@hotmail.com

    Mimi Jabalee Pre-judge - Hair Up Night Show- Hair down

    Tera Guzman Pre- Judge Night Show
    Norma Neives - Hair Up Night show- Hair Down  
    Katie Madden - Hair Up    
    Kaylie Perry - Pre-Judge
    TINA Chandler

    Check out Robin Parker-- I am doing her Hair and Make-up at the Master's Nationals


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