2010 NYPRO

2010 Phoenix Pro


2008 NYPRO photos

2007 Arnold Photos (prejudging by Qunicy)


Back Stage at the Europa 2006

Colette hanging out at various Bodybuilding Shows - 2006


Night Show- NY Pro 2005 In the Lobby Night Show - NY Pro 2005

Photos backstage...North American 2004 ( After winning Pro-Card)


***Photos from the Radient Pro Show. Jan. 22- 2005

New photos from Spain- Courtesy of Victor Samarres- directly from Barcelona,Spain

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Photos from the WORLD UNIVERSE in SANTA SUSSANNA - SPAIN, Sept. 17,18 2004 ( * click on photo to open full gallery)

Team Photos After Party Photos

Photo's from The 2004 North American- 1st Place, Overall and Pro-card!!!!!!!!!!!

Photos from the Team U- 2004 ( In NYC after eating everything at the DINER)

Izabella, Me and Rich Elise and Colette Kristy Hawkins, Dave, me, Izabella, Elise and Justin

Photos from the Team U 2004
Placing- Colette HW , Lost the Overall & Pro-card to the Lightweight Vikki Nixon

Photo's from Kara Dunsbury's Muscle Show: For HBO

Colette & Carla Solattal

Photo's from NPC Nationals 2003- Steve Wenerstrum

Contest Pics from National's 2003

Pics from the USA 2002 Pre-Judging

Pics at the Night Show Prejudging for the MEN at the 2002 USAs



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