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Colette Nelson
Studio : Complete Body and Spa
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Make Up Services

We all know how to apply make-up. But.... who wants to be bothered on the day of your competition, NOT ME!!! Have me and my qualified staff take care of all your make-up needs. You don't need to travel with all your stage make-up you just need to bring the bare minimum.

The application includes pre-juding and touch up for the night show. If you have a two day show there is an extra $25.00 for the SECOND day application.

Appointments tend to be very early based on the madatory meeting so be prepared to be up as early as 4 a.m. However, I do my best to be accomadate your schedule. Please email me to schedule yout appointment.

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CLICK HERE FOR BROCHURE ( includes Fees & More )
**PDF ( need acrobat reader )

You can email to discuss payment and setting up an appointment.

Hair Services

Hair can make or break your TOTAL LOOK on stage. For bodybuilders, I usually recommend an updo and then a change for the evening show. Extra prep for figure competitors is required because of the posing oils & long prejudging. Hair is $75.00 for both morning and night touch up. Don't worry about your hair getting greasy... I bring the dry shampoo and everything you need to stay looking fabulous.

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Do you hate the whole tanning aspect of competitive bodybuilding/figure or fitness & Bikini? Do you have trouble convincving your signifigant other, coach, best friend to tan you? Let me take the burden of tanning off your list of concerns. I am currently using Liquid Sun Rayz but if you bring another product I will spray you with it and renegotiate the fee since you will be supplying product.

WITH PRODUCT - 2 bottles recommended : $100.00
No Product - $125.00, Using Liquid Sun Rayz as primary color



Do you only use ONE song for your posing routine? BORING!!! You have to think about the audience... they might not like your taste in music and to listen to the same song for the whole 90 seconds, well.. you know where I am going. Let me mix your music for you! Just send me the list of songs and I can make a routine for you. I usually recommend sending me 3 of your favorite songs.

60-90 second routines - $60 -$75
2 minute routines - $100.00
Additional Voice Overs - $25.00

IF you are looking for MOVIE voice overs you are required to send the ones you are interested in using for your routine. I can't read your mind so you are going to send in either a wave/mp3/mp4 format.
Try this website for Movie Clips: http://www.moviewavs.com/Movies.html

Have me mix your music! Choose your Choice 60 second, 90 second, or 2 minute routine!



Why worry about choreographing your own routine, let me take the guess work out of such a stessful process. I will send you a video of me doing the routine both front and back. You need to send me your skills... splits, dance, hip hop, pop & lock, dramatic, injuries, and your physique strengths and weaknesses.

Click here to see what Debbie Bramwell has to say about Colette's Choreography

60-90 sec routines - $100-175
2 minute - $175


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