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Colette Nelson
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Consultation Services:

You only have one body and one life. The human body was designed to move and perform, but in our stress-filled and
fast-paced society, it so hard to stay in shape, maintain and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Now it’s time to wake that body up and get back on track to a more energizing, healthier experience! I want to help you create a new you! As a dietitian, personal trainer and nutritionist, I have helped many clients get into the shape of their life. I’ll help you create a more personalized exercise routine and weekly calorie-controlled, well-balanced diet based on your current individual eating plan. More importantly, I’ll help you achieve the results, maintain your diet and keep it permanently.

· Information provided by a nationally ranked female bodybuilder, registered dietitian, and certified diabetes educator via e-mail providing you  with the feedback and the support you need to succeed!

·  A personalized nutritional profile created by myself based on your health status, diet , lifestyle, and potential goals.  This includes your daily caloric recommendations, protein / fat /carbohydrate requirements and a personalized eating profile and an assessment of current food consumption.

·  A personalized fitness Program based on your current health status and fitness goals. Whether this is your first time embarking on a fitness regime or you are training for a bodybuilding competition, I will help individualize a program that meets your needs
** Additional $75.00 if you add on to your NUTRITION CONSULT

·  Daily Meal Plans and menus that will be based on your current eating habits. I will take into consideration your lifestyle and develop meal plans that are easy to follow and will fit  into your lifestyle. I will also help customize your diet for pre-contest dieting practices.

Initial Nutrition Consult - Via Email $200
** Most popular choice

$100.00 Recurring Email Support ( Recommended for best results )
Weekly weight recording / Photos / Diet manipulation

Montlhy Email Support - $75 / month , recurring every 30 days
Question & Answers within 24-48 hr, No Phone Calls

CONTEST PREPARATION: 12-16 weeks .....$400

$100 - 1 hour phone consult

Time Allotment

SKYPE with COLETTE : 20 minutes ( $75)
** 30 min , $100
** 45 min, $125
** 60 min, $150


PERSONAL TRAINING (In Gym); Please E-mail.
No sessions, only serious clients please! Fee: $150/ hr

If you can't train with Colette LIVE, have her design a program online and look forward to monthly WORKOUTS designed especially to fit your fitness level and goals.
$50.00 - recurring monthly for workout program

Recurring Online Costs $50

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