As an insulin dependent diabetic (diagnosed at age 12) I am passionate in my desire to assist those with diabetes enhance the quality of their lives.

With 16 years extensive experience as a Diabetes Educator and Registered Dietician I have developed a very unique methodology when it comes to diabetes management (I maintain an A1C of 5.8% or less) and want to share my knowledge and experience with you.

If you are interested in tight glucose management with multiple daily injections using a basal (Lantus/Levimir) and Bolus ( Novolog, Humalog, Apidra ) insulin or if you are on the insulin pump, I can assist you in fine tuning  your insulin intake and understanding the direct relationship between insulin timing, food, and carbohydrate counting.
So if you are a diabetic struggling with maintaining your blood sugars at an optimum level of 70-120 mg/dl and experience too many highs and too many scary low's... it is time to stop the insanity, learn how to better manage your blood sugars and stop letting diabetes control you!

N.B There may be reimbursement for diabetes education with certain insurances. You will have to pay out of pocket and I will give you a bill to send into your insurance company.

See and article in Diabetic Living from one of Colette's clients

From a recent client

"As for me - my diabetes is going pretty good at the moment. I received my last HBA1C last month which was 6.5mmol !! ( it was around 8 before I first contacted you) I also am able to push through an intense leg session maintaining my BSL's between 5.5mmol-7mmol at peak ( which I used to really struggle with).
I was telling a stranger about my journey as a diabetic the other day and I wouldn't be where I am today without your help. You have helped me so much, and given me so much advice/knowledge that I apply daily and I just want to send you an email to say THANKYOU. I was truly lost and in a terrible place before I contact you for help. I have a lot of respect for you and truly idolise you as a diabetic & a body builder. I can not thank you enough for helping me get through my diabetic wars. You are a true inspiration and you really do know your shit. Thanks again :)
P.s I think you should write a book !!! haha ;) "


Diabetic Consult - Initial consult $300

$125 recuring monthly payment (1 year subscription)

PHONE CONSULT 1x / ONLY - Diabetic Consultation

$80 - 1/2 hr phone consult
$150 - 1 hour phone consult

Consulting Times

Adam Waite

Type 1 Diabetic Australian Cup BB competition 2014


Radio interview






Andrea Booker
Type 1 Diabetic - Insulin Pump changed to MDI injections

Type 1 Diabetic - Insulin Pump

Lisa Thompson - Type 1

Lauren Dalton - Type 1

Shoshanna - Type 1

Katie Boone - Type 1

Jason Poston- Type 1


Client: Anthony
2009 Overall winner at the NABBA MR. United Kingdom
Type 1 Diabetic
Top NABBA Male Bodybuilder

Type 1 diabetic
Strength Coach

As far as achieving the good a1c's, it was as simple as following your suggestions with bolus, basal and the addition of symlin.  You definitely helped me to realize that everyday is different and you just need to roll with it and adjust insulin usage to go along with it. Just doing little things like logging sugars and finding patterns throughout the day makes everything so much easier.  I even have different basal depending on what body part im lifting that day now.  I really think anyone can do it if they just make their health and lifestyle a priority.  I still definitely struggle but i don't let a off number or a day were my sugars are off stress me out like a used too and that has made a big difference.

Thanks for the explanation, that makes a lot of sense.  We moved so this is a new endo im dealing with, im not sure i like him all that much so we may shop around to find one who will actually take some time and explain things to us.  Attached are some pics we took the day before the comp, still waiting for the photographer to send the comp day pics back to us. 

Thanks again for the advice and help!


Kyle Staker- Diabetic ( MODY )


Maxine ( Mother of son w/ TYPE 1 diabetes )

My son was diagnosed with Type I and 3 months later with severe Celiacs.  Im a single mom and many many days I have thought seriously about throwing myself under the bus.  Jakes diagnosis was particularly devestating as we have no family history of either disease.  Jakes blood sugars have been 300, 400, 500 regularly since his diagnosis.  His A1C was 12.8.  We did get it down to 10.2 which is significantly  better but still unacceptable.  Jakes health got to the point that I had to withdraw him from school.   It was very traumatic.  Everyone told me that it was because Jake wasnt taking care of himself but I didnt believe them.  I simply realized that the local medical community was limited and that Jake needed something more.  Although I didnt now what until I found Colette.

Let me make a long journey short.  Since we met with Colette Jakes sugars are regularly 60, 70, 80.  The highs are 120, 130.  No more 300s, 400s, 500s.   She is not only far ahead of the standard medical community in her understanding and approach to the disease but the follow up and her caring about her clients is unparalled in my experience. 

I honestly cant say enough about how grateful I am that I found her.  She will without question save my sons life and Im not being a drama queen. 

Now I do have to balance the story with the downside which is that there is an increase in injections unless you do the Omni Pod.   And I wont lie to you . . . it has been traumatic for my son who is 16 because of the increase in blood sugar tests and injections but for me the trade off is well worth it.   Hes traumatized but he is following Colettes program and the results speak louder than I can which is good because I have larengitis. 

  I have no hesitation in recommending Colette to you.  Its a great experience to go to NY and meet with her.  She not only talks the talk but she walks the walk because she is Type 1 too.  She is an inspiration.

Justin Wilson
Colette, this is Justin, you worked with my wife Bonnie before regarding her insulin regimen. We recently had a beautiful, healhty baby girl. Praise GOD! Bonnie kept her sugars very tight during pregnancy, and even with the risk of having a big baby as she is diabetic, our daughter was born 7lbs 4oz (so not big at all), the Dr brought her 2wks early (which apparently she does with diabetics just to be safe). They induced Bonnie, and after a day of crappy labour they ended up giving her a c-section, but in the end we got an awesome baby. Thank you for your help previously in teaching Bonnie about maintaining her bgl, as it really helped during the pregnancy. I just sent you a friend request on here. Hope all is well, GOD BLESS!

Abdulla Alnouri at 11.4%

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