My Training Regimen Pre-Contest

    -Monday: Chest / light Tris / Abs , Spin 6 pm ( Equinox 63rd and Lexington, NYC)
    -Tuesday: Back / Light Bis  / Calves
    -Wednesday: Hamstrings / Glutes / Abs
    -Thursday: Shoulders / Calves , Spin 6:30 am ( Equinox 44th and Lexington, NYC )
    -Friday: Arms, abs
    -Saturday: Legs  ( Quads ONLY ) , Calves
    -Sunday: OFF ( Cardio, Pilates, Stretching, Dance class… anything but lifting weights )

    During the off-season I only do about 3-4 hours of cardio / week consisting of light walking, stepmill or spinning.

    Competition Cardio: I will do as much as I need to but don’t like to exceed 2 hours. I start with 1 hour a day and then add accordingly. The hardest cardio I do are my 2-3 Spin Classes which I teach / week and the rest is walking on a treadmill at 3.2 , 5% incline or Stepmill level 5. I don’t go crazy on cardio as it just makes you hungry and burns muscle.

    -I also do abs or calves every other day when getting ready for a competition.

    Click here to read ULTIMATE ARMS with Colette - Article , 2004


    Eyes: Blue
    Chest/Back Width:
    42 inches
    Waist: 27 inches
    Thighs: 24 inches
    Biceps: 15 inches
    Calves: 14 inches

    For the off season: add a good inch to the above measurements

    Off season weight: 175 lbs.
    Contest Weight: 145 lbs

    Considering the NY PRO – 2014. It will be 10 years since I turned pro so what a way to come back and celebrate.

    I offer Personal Training 1:1 sessions training with me at Complete Body and Spa (NYC)  Please email me for details.


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